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  • Press Conference

    Press Conference

    SIMACEK Gardening organized a press conference on the occasion of completion of the project "Development of new green product for Romanian market:…

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  • Fair & Exhibition, Bucharest

    Fair & Exhibition, Bucharest

    The Flowers & Garden exhibition took place between 7 and 10 April 2016 within Romexpo Centre in Bucharest. The exhibition was addressed to flowers and plants importers and…

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  • Validation activities in Romania

    Validation activities in Romania

    The validation phase activities will be end soon. As the information of our common research activities are getting along, SIMACEK Gardening…

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  • Testing activities in Romania

    Testing activities in Romania

    All the substrate recipes were established and we started the testing activities. Several soils were taken into consideration to obtain a…

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  • Equipment installing in Romania

    Equipment installing in Romania

    The equipment was chosen so as using tracking equipment to succeed to monitor and validate our common results (Romanian testing…

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  • 3d Sedum research trip

    3d Sedum research trip

    Third research trip of SIMACEK Gardening at the Romanian Apuseni National Parc. During this research trip different autohtone Sedum species were collected in order…

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  • Greenhouse construction in Romania

    Greenhouse construction in Romania

    A solar construction was established by SIMACEK Gardening SRL in order to monitor the evolution of the plants. Several Sedum plants will be…

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  • Model rooftops in Norway

    Model rooftops in Norway

    The model roofs were established at NIBIO AS Norwegian research institute with growing medias, vegetation and measuring instruments for the Green Innovation…

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  • Model rooftops construction in Romania

    Model rooftops construction in Romania

    The project was conceived to build some testing panels with different substrate recipes, like the ones from Norway. The panels were…

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