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Project start press release

In the second half of 2014, the Cluj based company SIMACEK Gardening pioneered in a research project in our country, targeting the requirements which have to be met by green roofs in the existing climatic conditions in Romania. By means of scientific research and innovation, alongside Norwegian partners, the company pursues to identify and study the local factors which influence the functionality of a green roof system in the long run.

“The advantages of the use of green roofs comprise the efficient management of rainwater, the reduction of energy consumption, the improvement of air quality, the increase of the acoustic insulation level of buildings. A development of this kind represents a remedy for the urban pollution of the atmosphere and contributes to a better, healthier life environment and at the same time increases the value of the property. We are honored to be among the 34 Romanian companies which have benefitted of funding through the Norwegian Grants, and we are pleased to represent the sector of green space development in a project of ‘Innovation in the Green Industry in Romania’”, says  Mag. Thomas Emmerling, General Manager CEE of the SIMACEK group.

An especially valuable contribution within this process will be brought by the Norwegian partners for whom green roofs are a tradition. In practice, the Norwegian know-how will be adapted to the specific Romanian conditions - a rationalized collecting and drainage system for the climate specific weather conditions, vegetation consisting of local plants in order to reduce the ecological impact and a growing medium adapted to their specific needs.

“Within the project, we will focus our attention on the extensive green roof, which is considered to be an ecological roof. Due to its reduced weight, this kind of roof can be easily installed even on existing buildings, like apartment buildings or light constructions, meaning that in our country we can already talk about a large number of buildings with greening potential, without considering the buildings currently being built, which largely are designed from the very beginning with green roofs. The main target of the research is to determine the requirements which have to be met by this kind of development in the climate conditions in Romaniaand how should the characteristics of the layers forming the green roof system be adapted to the local conditions. The result would lead to an ecologically and economically efficient green roof”, explains eng. Noémi Karácsonyi, project manager with SIMACEK Gardening.

Through the procedures undertaken and the results obtained, the company aims to sustain those who promote and support the greening of the Romanian cities. These approaches correlate with the initiatives of the local authorities in terms of encouraging constructors to adopt green solutions, Cluj-Napoca being the first city in Romania which provides a tax reduction for properties certified as ”green buildings”.

The total value of the research project is 656,229.00 euro for the period 2014-2016, of which the non-refundable financial aid from Norway Grants represents the amount of 284,000.00 euro. During the project, the company from Cluj-Napoca will benefit from the expertise of three Norwegian partners: ISOLA AS - with experience in research and development in the field of green roofs and waterproofing, NIBIO AS - a governmental institute for research in the field of environment and agriculture, and BERGKNAPP AS - specialists in the implementation of works for green solutions.

The project is supported by a grant from Norway through the Norwegian Grants 2009-2014, in the frame of Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania.

The results obtained from the research will be made public within the press conference organized at the end of the project as well as during the presentations which will be held in Cluj-Napoca.

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